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What is bk-bear.com?
Bk-bear.com shows love to all things Brooklyn- with special attention paid to the scrumptious eats & beats that keep the city nourished. Why celebrate Brooklyn? Why not? If you live in Brooklyn, nuff said....you know why Brooklyn is one of the best cities on Earth. If Brooklyn is not where you rest your head at night or you have never been...then i suggest an excursion!

Brooklyn Eats

Bk-bear.com shows you how to eat well on the cheap.

We feature recipes & tips n tricks that make it possible to hook it up in any kitchen (Even if your kitchen is small, u lack “the tools”, or if you’re strapped for cash).

Bk-bear.com also showcases the best little known nooks to grab an affordable and delicious meal.

Brooklyn Beats

While food keeps you happy and alive...music keeps you nourished; the 2 go hand in hand.

Brooklyn is known for producing some one of a kind musicians: Fab 5 Freddy, Barry Manalow, Lou Reed, Carole King, Jay-Z, Aaliyah, ODB, Barbara Streisand, Big Daddy Kane, Notorious B.I.G the list goes on & on..
bk-bear.com celebrates Brooklyn-made music by showcasing local musicians.

Our Food Philosophy:
Cooking at Home

Insanely good food can be made at home
You don’t need to be rich to eat well
That’s not smoke...it’s a-rom-a
Healthy does not mean bland
Scratch made is best but shortcuts can be lifesavers
Additives & chemicals are scary- AVOID
Planning makes laziness easy
Be spontaneous it yields delicious results
Rules were made to be broken
Taste often, measure less
Eat frugal not cheap
You only live once, eat well!

Our Food Philosophy:
Eating Out

You don’t have to be rich to eat out
Decadent & delicious doesn't mean expensive
Explore holes in the wall- they may surprise you
There's a difference between trendy & tasty
Try new places- recommend good ones
Show love to restauranteurs that show you love
If you make it better at home- don’t eat out
Eating out should be a treat not a daily remedy
Be adventurous but trust your gut
Stay away from chains, designer chains too
Read customer reviews if possible
Eat local, support Brooklyn
You only live once, eat well!

Spread Love, it's the Brooklyn Way
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