Homemade Tex Mex-ish Seasoning Blend

You should be making your own seasoning mixes at home!
This homemade Tex Mex-ish blend is so easy to throw together- you probably have all the ingredients for it in your pantry right now. Don’t buy over priced seasoning blends. Instead, mix em up at home and save a few bucks!

This is not a spicy Tex Mex blend, it has a smoky taste. A great addition to tacos!!! If stored in an airtight container, this mix has a long shelf life. Njoy!

Tex Mex-ish Seasoning Blend
1/4C Chili Powder
1T Garlic Powder
1T Onion Powder
2 T Sea Salt

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
Combine the ingredients thoroughly before using.
Store seasoning blend in an air tight container for future use.