It's Gravy, Baby!
A Decadent Vegetarian Gravy Featuring Sauteed Mushrooms, Thyme & Sherry
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What holiday meal would be complete without a drizzle of succulent gravy?

Making gravy is often an after thought...pan drippings + flour or cornstarch, viola- gravy.  This approach can yield an uninspired, bland, sometimes lumpy, rarely memorable gravy.  

Impress your guests by serving a truly inspired gravy!  This recipe for mushroom gravy is out of this world- it's bold, spicy, thick, hearty and certainly transforms any meal you drizzle it on.  A cardboard box would taste delicious with some of this gravy on it!  

I stumbled on this recipe years ago & its been a favorite ever since. Easy to make & keeps well in the freezer, this gravy is a must have in your cooking arsenal!

Did I mention...this recipe is vegetarian!!!

Why is that awesome?

1. Versatile Gravy
Since the gravy is not made from meat (turkey drippings, beef stock) feel free to use it on virtually any meat or vegetable dish.

2. Hosting Vegetarians This Holiday Season?
Show your vegetarian friends some love!  You are bound to host a vegetarian, or 2,  this holiday season.  While you may have thought of a protein and some sides for them to enjoy- don’t forget the vegetarian gravy!    An awesome addition to your vegetarian friendly dinner spread.

3. Don’t Eat Meat?  
Finally a delicious gravy you can enjoy! No more staring at carnivores with envy as they aggressively sop their biscuits with gravy or lovingly drizzle it over potatoes.  Awww yeah, gravy!

Mushroom Gravy
1T Vegetable Oil
2C Onions, diced
4C Mushrooms (button mushrooms  or a mix mushrooms)
¼ t Thyme
1 Bay Leaf
Sea Salt, to taste
¼ C Dry Sherry
1 ¾ C Water
2T Soy Sauce
Black Pepper, to taste
2T Cornstarch, dissolved in 1/4C
Cold Water

1.  Saute the Veggies
In a large pan, heat vegetable oil.
Add onions, saute for 5mins.
Add mushrooms, thyme, bay leaf & a pinch of sea salt.
Let the mushroom & onion mix simmer for 10 minutes.

2.  Make the Gravy
Deglaze the pan with dry sherry.
Add 1 3/4C water & soy sauce, simmer covered for 5 minutes.
Add Black Pepper (to taste), stir till combined.
Add cornstarch dissolved in water.
Let the gravy simmer till thick and bubbly.
Don't forget to discard the bay leaf before eating.

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